The higher state educational institution of Ukraine “Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy”, carrying out its activities in accordance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, is one of the oldest and most respected leading educational institutions of Ukraine, the history of which originates from the faculty of odontology, established at the Kharkov Medical Academy back in 1921 The faculty became the first academic specialized higher educational institution for the training of doctors in the specialty of dentistry. In 1931, the Faculty was reorganized into the Kharkov Dental Institute, in 1967 it was transferred to Poltava by a special decision. In 1994, by the decision of the Intersectoral Accreditation Commission and the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the university was accredited at the highest IV level of accreditation. In the same year, by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy was established on its basis.


Based on a letter from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 02.08.1994, a nursing department was opened at the Academy; in 1995 - Dental department, on the basis of which in 2005. College of Medicine was established. According to the decision of the SAC of Ukraine dated April 11, 2000, the Academy for the first time received a license for the right to train specialists in the specialty "Pediatrics". According to the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated March 28, 2005, No. 133, the name was changed to “Higher State Educational Institution of Ukraine“ Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy. Now in the structure of the academy there are faculties: medical No. 1, 2, the dental faculty for preparing foreign students, departments of pre- university training, a preparatory department for foreign citizens, a medical college, the Educational and Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Education, the educational and scientific and medical "Dental Center" and etc.

The Academy has created a material and technical base that meets the requirements for training specialists at the proper level. The Academy has on balance five educational buildings, a sports complex, a large library, a clean dining room, an economic building, a vivarium, and hangars. Academy students live in 4 modern dormitories. The provision of students with housing is 100% of the number of nonresident students. In the summer, the sports and health camp for students, staff and teachers operates at the academy.

UMSA Foundation History

Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy is a popular state university for the formation of dentists. The institution completed its work in 1921 as an odontological unit of the Kharkov Medical Academy. After 46 years, in 1967, the unit was moved to Poltava and changed to the Poltava Medical Dental Institute. Already in today's Ukraine, in 1994, the Poltava Medical Dental Institute was awarded the IV rank of specialization and received the status of the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy.

In 2004, the IV rank of specialization was once again confirmed. Today, over 3,700 students are enrolled in UMSA, of whom nearly 900 are students from 42 border countries. On the basis of UMSA, there are a dental, medical unit, as well as a department for foreign residents and postgraduate education. A pre-university training unit has also been created.

Under UMSA, a college has been formed that forms junior professionals and bachelors.

The Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy is conducting the formation of specialists in qualifications: dentistry, medical activity, nursing activities, pediatrics, orthopedic dentistry, and pharmacy.