Today's Poltava is a regional center, a large industrial hub of Ukraine.

City enterprises produce over a quarter of the region's industrial output. The areas of specialization of the industrial complex of Poltava are: mechanical engineering and metalworking (plants of turbo-mechanical, gas-discharge lamps, "Electromotor", meat equipment, artificial diamonds and diamond tools, locomotive repair, auto-aggregate, chemical engineering); food industry (meat factory, oil extraction plant, dairy, bakeries, confectionery factory) and light industry (cotton spinning mill "Demitex", sewing, knitting, shoe factories, etc.).

Of other areas, an important place is the production of building materials.


Poltava is a large scientific and cultural center of eastern Ukraine. The following universities operate here: Poltava National Polytechnic University, Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, Agrarian Academy, Poltava National Pedagogical University, Cooperative University, Poltava branch of the Ukrainian-Finnish Institute of Management and Business, Higher Military Command School of Communications, etc., 11 secondary specialized educational institutions and more than 30 comprehensive schools and gymnasiums.

The city is rich in cultural institutions, historical monuments, which the residents of Poltava sacredly protect; thanks to the efforts of local authorities, they are restoring them for future generations of residents of our city, as well as for numerous guests who visit Poltava and admire the elegance and beauty, the modern European look of the ancient city.

Thanks to the efforts of the city authorities and sponsors-sponsors, the city now has in the center, near Korpusny Park, two modern underground passages. Three more - on the main streets of Poltava, which created a number of amenities and safety measures for pedestrians and drivers. Underpasses are real shopping and cultural and entertainment towns with shops, coffee houses, hairdressers, decorated in a modern way, with all city communications - heating, water and sewage.