To date, the institution receives 3754 students. A lot of foreigners. The university has its own hostels. There is a unit of postgraduate education, a unit of pre-university education. A college operates on the basis of the institution, in which bachelors and junior specialists are formed.

Any medical specialists trained at the academy? First of all, dentists. In order to master the specialty, they must complete a five-year educational course. Education in the institution is free, but there is the opportunity to study for a fee. Form of education is full-time.

In addition to dentists in Poltava, you can study medical activity and pediatrics (education term - 6 years). Within two years, you can master nursing activities and orthopedic dentistry. The same university is preparing future pharmacists.


56 departments work at the academy. teachers and students of the academy actively cooperate with polyclinics and hospitals of Poltava and the region. The teachers of the academy created their own textbooks and teaching aids for all the disciplines studied in the institution.

Scientific research is ongoing. Over the past year alone, employees of the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy have patented more than a hundred inventions and innovations. On the basis of the institution there are several scientific schools where the issues of operative surgery, pathological anatomy, therapeutic dentistry, clinical and experimental pharmacology are studied.

In 1992, on the basis of UMSA, a special faculty for teaching foreign students appeared. Currently, 874 people from 42 countries are studying here. For the formation of professionals from other countries have to develop special manuals.

Many university students go to graduate school and residency, remain in their departments and under the supervision of professors and doctors of science are connected to scientific research. The Academy is equipped with all the necessary technical equipment, training materials.

At present, UMSA is training young specialists full-time and with part-time education (evening education) in the following educational and specialized ranks: junior specialist, bachelor, specialist in units:

Students complete education in the following qualifications:

Teaching staff of UMSA

The institution currently has highly experienced specialists, among whom 82 are doctors of science, 316 candidates of science, 75 professors, 171 associate professors, 2 winners of the State Prize of Ukraine, 8 Honored Workers of Science and Technology of Ukraine, 6 Honored Doctors of Ukraine.

As part of the institution, the educational process is provided by 56 departments, 9 of which are basic. Medical advisory activities are carried out at 35 clinical units of the Academy, which are located in regional and city medical institutions of Poltava.